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Pineapple Palm     (Phoenix canariensis)

Canary Islands

Canary Island date palm is highly prized for its formal effect in the landscape, and for its hardiness that allows its use in cooler winter climates. The trunk is very wide compared to other palms.  The leaf spread of Canary Island palms requires ample room for development even when the palms are young.  Extremely tough and durable, this species endures dry conditions and, with occasional feeding, poor soils as well.  As with most palms, poorly drained sites should be avoided.

It's common name refers to the fat trunk on younger palms commonly seen throughout the valley.

Easy to grow, likes full sun and will tolerate infrequent watering once established. 

Average growth is about 6" to 1 foot of height per year.

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    Pineapple15gal.7.1.03.JPG (161856 bytes)       20gPina.jpg (61648 bytes)       30BoxPina.jpg (145512 bytes)                           

           15 Gal                     20 Gal                     30" Box

Keys to Optimum Health:

bulletGive adequate drainage when planting.
bulletRegular watering (twice weekly)
bulletOccasional feeding with palm food

All Arizona Grown!

Container Planted Height & Width

15 Gallon 3 x 3 feet

25 Gallon 4 x 4 feet
30"  Box 5 x 5 feet

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