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Bismarck Palm    (Bismarckia nobilis)


Bismarck is one of the most beautiful and desired fan palms for subtropical landscapes. Throughout our low desert areas this sun-loving spectacular palm is gaining popularity.  Its’ dramatic silver-blue leaves give fast shade and quick screening.  Bismarckia have a fairly wide spread, about 10 to 12 feet, so plant accordingly.  Growth rate in 5 years, from 3 feet planted, is about 15 - 18 feet high by 10 - 12 feet wide.  Regular watering and feeding are recommended for optimum growth. All of our Bismarcks are of the preferred Silver-Select® variety.  They are fairly cold hardy to the lower 20’s once established.

Large, fast growing palm with beautiful silver-blue leaves

Striking dramatic effect, useful for fast shade and quick screening 

Growth is moderate to fast, about 1 to 3 feet per year

All our Bismarcks are the preferred Silver Select®  variety

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  Pb160224.jpg (62276 bytes)         Bismarck15G.jpg (96764 bytes)         wpe1.jpg (67493 bytes)   
        25 Gal                        15 Gal                   Landscape view

Keys to Optimum Health:

bulletRegular sufficient watering (2-3 times a week)
bulletRegular use of granular palm food or palm fertilizer spikes
bulletProtect from temperatures under 26º for first 2 or 3 years in colder valley areas.





15 gallon 3 feet AZ GROWN!
15 gallon  4 - 5   feet  
25 gallon 6 - 7  feet  

Larger sizes available, please call

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